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Welcome to my studio

I am, first and foremost, a Voice Teacher but all of my students know they're really getting music lessons and much more!

Private Lessons

A 50-minute weekly lesson tailored to the needs and the goals of the student. Whether you're just learning to match pitch or you're looking to score that next big professional gig, I can tailor an individual lesson plan just for you.

Audition Preparation

Let's get that next gig! I provide guidance on every aspect of the audition process. I'll help you get your repertoire and monologues ready with detailed breakdowns of characters and texts. I'll also help you strategize the best approach to an audition and help you channel that anxiety into positive energy.

So many styles!

I will teach you a strong, healthy, and flexible technique that will let you sing in just about any style you want. My students explore opera, art song, musical theater, jazz, pop/rock, and folk.

General Musicianship

Want to learn to read music better? Want to understand the nuances that make Vaughan Williams or Sondheim so special? I can take you from the most fundamental elements to the most subtle and advanced concepts.

Vocal Health and Rehabilitation

Keeping your instrument healthy is a vital skill too many singers lack. I will constantly help to assess the health of your voice, enable you to be better aware of your own vocal health, and will help you overcome dysfunction when it arises.

Add an Instrument

Want to accompany yourself from the piano or the guitar? I can help you improve your chord vocabulary and your skills so you can fly solo!

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If you've ever considered taking music lessons, I wholeheartedly recommend collaborating with Bill Adams.  As a colleague, friend, and student of Bill's, I can say with unwavering confidence that he ranks among the finest teachers, mentors, and educators in the field.  Bill's dedication to honing my vocal skills has been steadfast, and his influence has been pivotal in enhancing my control, strength, and clarity as a singer. While I've always possessed a decent singing ability, Bill's guidance has empowered me to transform my innate talent into a remarkable voice.

Furthermore, Bill has been instrumental in fostering my self-confidence and self-esteem as a vocalist. I deeply appreciate how he has empowered me to recognize and embrace my potential. I am eternally grateful to him for these invaluable contributions to my musical journey.

Lacey Knapp

Co-Founder, Triangle Vocal Project

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