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Let's Sing!
2023 BHS Senior Quartet Champs

Men In Black
2005 BHS Collegiate Champion
BHS 7th Place International

2023 BHS 39th
 Place International
2022 BHS 5th Place NextGen Broze Medal
2021 NSC District Champion

2023 BHS 15th
 Place NextGen
2022 NSC District Champion

Cosmic Harmony
NSC 3rd Place Quartet

Southern Comfort
NSC 5th Place Quartet


Dr. Bill coached Men In Black after our championship year, and helped guide us from the top 20 into the top 10.  He made sure that our fundamentals were complete, and that we built on them not just to create the impact we had on our audiences, but to do so healthily.  I had the pleasure of working alongside him at many camps, and watching the art he was able to pull out of 'high school kids' was consistent for each event, and always a treat to behold.  He built in me an unshakable confidence in my craft.  I am honored to consider him as a mentor.

Raymond B. Johnson

Director -- Post Road Chorus, New Sound Assembly

Bass -- Drive, Neapolitan (NED Quartet Champions 

Baritone -- Men in Black ('05 BHS International Collegiate, NED Champions

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