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My other passion

Conducting is an absolute thrill for me. I love the process of taking an ensemble and a piece of music from start to finish. The discovery, the exploration, the intensity, the drama, and the rush of presenting it on a stage. The art and the science behind gesture to communicate music is fascinating. And I love the process of crafting an ensemble together, from stacking the chorus to helping each singer find their connection to the music and to each other.

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I admire the musical response Bill gets out of his singers.  He holds his people to very high standards--he expects you to work hard, and he's there in the musical trenches with you.  He creates a partnership which offers deep respect to both the music and the musicians.


Bill's honesty is one of the things I most value in working with him.  He'll give you that (metaphorical) kick in the pants if you need it!  He will celebrate your wins with you.  He will rejoice in your musical growth with you.  He will mourn the losses, and help you re-chart your path when needed.  He always, always has your back.


I would sing with Dr. Bill anywhere.

Jennifer Myers

Music teacher and early music specialist

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